Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Remove Tumblr virus

Tumblr virus is believed to be obtained by user of same-name blog service upon loading pages of other users. In the wild, users have reported the issue to appear as follows. Firstly, they observed new follower to their account, secondly, decided to look at the new follower profile. As a result, a warning on adult content popped, and user was invited to re-ender the account credentials just “to revalidate” them.
This looks like a credentials stealing. It is strongly recommended, if you have been in such or similar situations, to reset them promptly so that hackers would not do that ahead of you and block your account. It is not actually a problem related exclusively to the above blog. Probably, the scale of affair is exaggerated by competing blogs.
True, this can be described as a virus, for cracked account would definitely be used to spread infections. The very first target would be the machine which user has exposed Tumblr’s credentials being cheated by the scammers. Therefore removal of Tumblr virus is recommended, first of all for those users which have been approached in a way described above.
Click here to get rid of Tumblr virus by means of multi-purpose free scanner. The scan is made with understanding that virtually any kind of virus can play the role of the blog-specific virus.

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Anonymous said...

will this interfere with the anitivrus that i am already using on my computer? I once had a situation where two antivirus programs broke down my computer, so I wouldn't like it to happen again...