Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade fake alert that scares you into paying GBP 100 purportedly because you have software subject to licensing on your computer

Windows Anytime Upgrade alert is generated by hacking tool classified as ransomware. It is known as a variant of UKASH virus.
The popup overlaps desktop in order to scare users into thinking the PC is blocked by Microsoft.
The scary and misleading notification states your computer is blocked and that you see it “because you have software subject to licensing on your computer. Or your license has expired”.
The cost of the license is standard for malware of such sort, GBP 100.
Before proceeding to the removal of Windows Anytime Upgrade malware please note UKASH is but a payment system suggested for hackers as a method of payment. It is not any scam itself.
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Windows Anytime Upgrade ransomware screenshot:


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