Sunday, August 26, 2012

Removal of Game Card Ransomware – CELAS screenlock extermination guide

Game Card Ransomware has been categorized as yet another variant of notorious UKASH virus, because it demands a fee to be paid through the online transaction system called so. UKASH, however, in no way supports, or associate with, the black hats circulating the virus. Just the opposite – its administrators have issued a press release to notify users of series of scams by black hats, who rob people of their money suggesting UKASH facilities as a payment method.
Remove Game Card Ransomware and do not pay any money it demands using any method it suggests.
The malware is otherwise known as CELAS fake alert. CELAS is the name of international company representing intellectual property rights of world’s famous musicians. Pretending to speak in the name of CELAS, the hackers scare users into believing they have “Illegally downloaded music tracks (in other words, “pirated copies”)”, thus violated $ 106 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and may be imprisoned fort those deed up to 3 years. Naturally users are offered to pay a fine of USD or EURO or GBP 100 subject to the IP location instead of going to jail.
Get rid of Game Card Ransomware using the free scan link as its authors are rascals who deserve imprisonment for the scam they run.

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