Friday, August 10, 2012

Get rid of Troj/ZAccInf-B gently extracting the malicious code from critical system file to completely destroy it

Troj/ZAccInf-B is supported by rootkit. The rootkit creates a kernel device object, Max++, containing a code called ZeroAccess. At time of its origin, the rootkit was powerful enough to contain, and dispose of, a good many security solutions.
Things have improved since that time, yet for a good many antivirus products the only achievement is ability to survive, but not an efficient way to exterminate the kernel mode infection.
We have focused more on the malware dedicated to safeguarding another malware, since removal of Troj/ZAccInf-B is relatively easy compared to the extermination of its security agent. In the meantime, there are issues in extermination of the malware under cover too, irrespective of the rootkit. In particular, services.exe is a legit Windows file typically affected by the parasite. It is strongly recommended to remove Troj/ZAccInf-B from the infected file and without destroying useful part of its code.
Start free scan with antimalware available here to guarantee safe and exhausting extraction and destruction of the malicious code from critical system file along with the rootkit associated.

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