Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remove Win32:Bifrose and protect your TCP ports from backdoor trojans

Win32:Bifrose, also detected by other leading AV tools as Troj/Bifrose-UV, Backdoor.Bifrose, Backdoor.Bifrose.ZTO, Backdoor.Win32.Bifrose.phc BackDoor-CEP (the list is not exhausting) is detected for computer system, where access to it has been gained by remote computer surreptitiously through port 81 or another TCP port.
The trojan is not constant value as the program evolves in various directions. This is basically a generic detection covering infections of varying payload and introduction details.
Removal of Win32:Bifrose typically implies extermination of a range of other malicious programs brought to your PC by the backdoor infection.
However, first and foremost the trojan uses hidden connection to send information on basic system features to the remote command and control center. Naturally prior to sending the info, it needs to collect it so that a reliable software product, even if failed to prevent the rogue intervention, should identify it as it spies over the PC the security tool protects.
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