Sunday, August 19, 2012

Remove W32.Disttrack virus that has made havoc on Middle East infecting computer systems of old companies

W32.Disttrack is used by hackers in large-scale affairs like attacks on crude oil companies in Middle East. It is also known as Shamoon malware.
The rogue has been observed in the wild on a small number of machines, but nothing prevents hackers from promptly increasing the number of affected computers using the virus in smaller scale affairs.
Removal of W32.Disttrack is a matter of emergency, for consequences of its activities are deadly, without exaggeration. That is, the rogue is meant to erase data from PCs infected, as well as to get poor PCs out of order to as much extent as possible.
At first suspicion, please do not linger or your risk your OS and even hardware – click here to trigger free scan and get rid of W32.Disttrack and other malicious applets and programs detected. 

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