Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Remove “Votre ordinateur est bloqué” alert as a Belgium variant of ransomware that scares users into thinking they have committed “visionnage des sites interdits” and must pay for that

"Votre ordinateur est bloqué" virus is a scaring message generated by notorious ransomware. The ransomware is commonly referred to as UKASH virus, in spite of that UKASH is a legit system of online payments that itself warned its customers against paying any money on request of such kind of alerts.
The popup claims your PC is locked due to the violation of Belgium law, namely that its IP was observed to connect to prohibited websites (child porn etc.).
Bad new is that removal of “Votre ordinateur est bloqué” is a cleanup that implies installation of a security solution on a computer system blocked to great extent by virus. Few solutions are able to get installed into such cyber environment. Free scanner available here is one of the few – download and install it to get rid of “Votre ordinateur est bloqué” issue.
In any circumstances please do not transfer the fee of 100Euro demanded by the black hats. That do not eliminate the parasite, and, apart from the waste of the transferred amount, will provide further incentives for web-criminals to invent new scams and develop that already existing.

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