Friday, June 8, 2012

Remove Win32/Weelsof whether associated with ransomware or applied to another sort of malware

Win32/Weelsof (Trojan.Win32.Weelsof) is associated with a range of ransomware. In particular, security solutions flags the detection name for international UKASH virus notorious for scaring users into paying 100 Euro. It speaks on all major European tongues and locks Windows while showing fake notifications allegedly on the behalf of US, Canadian and European Police authorities. The language and authority name are adjusted by virus to IP location of compromised machines.
In the meantime, removal of Win32/Weelsof is rather reported as an extermination of “unknown virus”. That has produced a wave of criticism from independent malware experts who reasonably noted that such an issue as UKASH virus should be regarded with much more precise tools than vague detection names.
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