Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Removal of Trojan Horse Generic_r.AWX, its hidden installer and advanced kernel more malware that hides it

Trojan Horse Generic_r.AWX does not disappear in spite of the solemn reports of its exterminators on its successful extermination.
The problem is that there is another infection that lurks in a location hidden by rootkit. This infection monitors presence of the trojan items. If it finds them missing, the process is spawned which restores the deleted malwares.
In the meantime, the rootkit that has created the asylum for the trojan installer attempts to uninstall or corrupt security solutions. Therefore a tool that is going to remove Trojan Horse Generic_r.AWX, firs of all, needs to ensure its own security.
Click here to get rid of Trojan Horse Generic_r.AWX covering all its copies distributed across your computer memory, its hidden installer and rootkit hiding the installer. Besides, the suggested tool ensures exhausting disinfection of a computer system it scans.

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