Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remove «Metropolitain Police» Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! bogus alert

“Metropolitain Police Attention! Illegal activity was revealed!” alert is a result of a trojan efforts to generate a popup. The trojan is extremely lurking, but in 5 cases of 10 it fails to execute its malicious payload, which is to popup  the alert titled with the above combination of words.
The alerts is allegedly generated by British Police, since compromising materials, namely child pornography, have been detected on the computer system concerned.
It locks computer system and threatens users with file deletion within 24 hours, unless 75 pounds is payed to specified address.
In fact, it is a kind of a blackmailing. Get rid of «Metropolitain Police» Attention! Illegal activity was revealed!  popup by means of deleting the trojan concerned instead of wasting 100 Euro, which undoubtedly will be partially used as investment into further online  scam development.
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Fake alert removal tool:

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