Sunday, June 19, 2011

Troj/keygen-CU Removal to Protect Confidential Data

Troj/keygen-CU infects computer systems on Windows platform. Once the infection is in the memory, a computer system might generate an alert titled Error and containing the message saying that internal error #2 has occurred and that user needs to ensure the app is running. Hence there is a detection sign for the trojan available for user to observe without special techniques applied.
The trojan is exploited by hackers to crack passwords to user’s account by advanced key generating methods. Key generation is a time-consuming procedure and the trojan may run on the background for years before succeeding to obtain any confidential info, and yet it needs to pass the info to remote rascaldom. But that only proves that the sooner you remove Troj/keygen-CU, the better are your chances to keep your credentials secured. Anyway, it is strongly recommended to restore your passwords after detecting and removing Troj/keygen-CU infection.
Appropriate remedy to get rid of Troj/keygen-CU is available here (free scan based security suite for Windows).

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