Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remove W32/YahLover.Worm.gen Spread Via Messengers and Drives

Certain messaging applications (Yahoo) and removable and network drives are main carriers for the virus. The rogue is a bearer of quite typical malicious payload as it is focused on connecting to remote computer and system setting modifications. System restore is advisable for the data before the infection introduction is therefore advisable. However, removal of W32/YahLover.Worm.gen by reliable remedy should provide re-adjustment of system settings to safe level. Click here to start free detection of viruses and get rid of W32/YahLover.Worm.gen as  one of the scanner detection  or only one thereat found  and let the remedy suggested fix system security settings lowered by the infection. 

W32/YahLover.Worm.gen removal tool:

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