Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remove Identity Theft Attempt Warning as Just another Popup by Fake Antispyware

There are several warnings from fake antispyware of Smart Engine and Virus Doctor family shown prior to heavy load of its nag screens. Evidently, hackers avoid early disclosure of the product name hiding their counterfeit behind alerts wrapped in skins of striking resemblance to Windows chromes.
In many instances, the same warning is shown recurrently. This warning notifies of identity theft attempt providing such details as hidden connection IP and user’s IP. User’s IP is not actually detected so that the warning presents wrong IP.
The warning is often shown for considerable period. It is a natural response of user to such alerting that he is looking got the way to get rid of Identity Theft Attempt Warning.
Click here to perform the removal of Identity Theft Attempt Warning popup as a part of spyware removal. 

Identity Theft Attempt Warning message:

Warning! Identity theft attempt detected
Hidden connection IP:
Security Risk: 4/5
Target: Microsoft Corporation keys
Your IP: ***
Identity Theft Attempt Warning screenshot:

Identity Theft Attempt Warning removal tool:

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