Thursday, October 7, 2010

Remove Virus:Win32/Ramnit.B and Fix Security Issues Resulted from Its Activities

Ramnit is a family of infections that includes worms, trojan and virus and their modifications.  The B-modification is the most widespread variant of  Ramnit. It attaches its body into html and exe files and is spread via removable memory such as pendrive.
Removal of Virus:Win32/Ramnit.B is a measure required to fix the backdoor. Failure to fix the backdoor is a risk of additional viruses and worms introduction.  The backdoor is mainly used as a pipeline for associated viruses, but other use is possible, too. Click here to get rid of  Virus:Win32/Ramnit.B and fix backdoor, as well as other security issues.

Virus:Win32/Ramnit.B removal tool:

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Has anyone tried this? Does it work?