Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remove Antivirus Studio Agent as a Popup of Great Vitality

Antivirus Studio Agent is a popup that often remains after Antivirus Studio 2010 removal. It is known as the most viable alert generated by the adware. It tells users  they need to refresh database of threats as it has  become out of date. Since the adware has no database at all and is not to going to provide it, you just need to get rid of  Antivirus Studio Agent popup. This popup is also shown as a part of general advertisement of the rogue antispyware and may be inherited by other fake security software. Click here to uninstall adware in charge of this popup and destroy it completely with due safety precautions.

Antivirus Studio Agent
The antivirus database has become outdated and should be updated now. Click on this message to receive the latest antivirus updates.
Program is infected with virus Generic Dropper.js. Continue running this program may be dangerous to your computer and personal data. Running this program can lead to permanent data loss and program instability. Would you like to disinfect this program with antivirus?
Antivirus Studio Agent screenshot:

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Antivirus Studio Agent removal tool:

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