Monday, October 11, 2010

Remove My Computer Online Scan Popup or Make Sure It Is but a Casual Redirection

My Computer Online Scan popup is a title for popup that pretends to be My Computer folder scan window. It would be a scan window, if there was any scan, but that was just another online fraud.  This popup has been reported by many users who stumbled upon it browsing the web. Practicing unsafe browsing is not the prerequisite to face this window. In many instances, quite renowned websites due to the efforts of hackers redirect users to online scanner like this.
If it has been a casual redirection, closing browser window is just enough to get rid of My Computer Online Virus Scan Popup. In other instances, there is a hijacker or fake antispyware that re-routes browser to this page. There are plenty of tricky programs advertised in this way. Click here to perform the removal of My Computer Online Virus Scan Popup meaning the removal of related infections.

My Computer Online Scan popup screenshot:

My Computer Online Scan popup removal tool:

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