Monday, October 8, 2012

Remove Trojan JS/Medfos.b as a malicious java component dedicated to annoying browser extensions and other harmful and annoying apps

Trojan JS/Medfos.b is a malicious Java applet that one can get through various vulnerabilities in running applications that operate in relevant environment.
The rogue has a payload of dropper. It is instructed to contact various websites to load specified items. The items are, of course, far not harmless.
Besides, the rogue is to install them and monitor their presence.
In the wild, it has been observed to load and install browser toolbars, search redirect infections. Removal of Trojan JS/Medfos.b is often required as a measure to optimize web-navigation, Google searches etc.
Get rid of Trojan JS/Medfos.b and the malware it has introduced onto your PC – click here to trigger free scan procedure followed by cleanup. 

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