Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remove Politiet Norge Ukash Virus – Ops , UKASH ransomware snakker norsk

Politiet Norge Ukash Virus says “ops”, which means “Attention”. It proceeds with saying that the lock is applied due to folgende grunner, the following reasons. The reasons include watching child porn, other forbidden content, as well as storing, sharing it; free, illegal acquisition of copyrighted materials; distribution of viruses, etc.
To unlock PC, a fee is demanded to be paid with UKASH voucher to the amount of NOK 100 or EUR 1000. Otherwise, user is informed that the prosecution is to be launched by Politiet Norge, that might entail imprisonment.
Well, such language and locking routine have already been applied to virtually any country in the EU. The response to the scamware invasion is, of course, the removal of Politiet Norge Ukash Virus.
Launch free scan procedure and get rid of Politiet Norge Ukash Virus along with other threats found.

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