Saturday, October 20, 2012

Get rid of Polizia Di Stato Virus as a variety of UKASH blackmailing infection

Polizia Di Stato Virus is variety of UKASH blackmailing trojan. The purpose of its distribution is to scare victims into paying Euro 100 allegedly due to violating specific articles of law related to adult and copyrighted content handling.
As you can see, the infection hides behind fair name of official police authority of Italy. Its authors and distributors are subject to prosecution and imprisonment by local and international security officials.
If you have got your PC hijacked by the ransomware, you need remove Polizia Di Stato Virus from your PC. In no case should you pay the so called fine mentioned in the popup by the ransomware.
Some experts suggest manual removal of Polizia Di Stato Virus. However manual extermination is possible, it does not cover all the leftovers. It is recommended that you apply free scanner available here to ensure complete and safe extermination of the ransomware. 

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