Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get rid of Hacktool.Rootkit, user-mode and kernel-mode variants

Hacktool.Rootkit is a hacker’s invention that enables them to harm affected PC immediately through remote channel created by the infection or indirectly by giving scenario for the infection to follow without making amendments.
There are two types of the rogue according to the level on which it interferes with host machine. User’s level is considered to be more shallow and less dangerous, while kernel mode implies deeper integration into computer system. Removal of Hacktool.Rootkit, if it is a kernel variant, is not available with many security suites. Kernel cleanup is available with relatively few programs, including the one suggested below as a tool to remove Hacktool.Rootkit.
The malware is able to prevent its identification, conceal its components and other items on target PC, block network connections, system processes, record info typed from keyboard, introduce changes to affected Windows etc.
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