Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remove United States Cyber Security virus that draws your attention to fabricated offences in attempt to get $100 MoneyPak code

United States Cyber Security bellows “Attention!”, provides a sign there is a video recording on even if you have got no relevant device on your PC, specifies your IP and location, and even tries to show your Internet Service Provider (however, while it often fails to identify your provider, the abbreviation standing for it is incorrect and betrays the hackers, for, had official US body of such rank addressed users, it would definitely avoid such plain bloopers).
Get rid of United States Cyber Security popup, as it is powered by ransomware, in its turn, controlled by crooks.
The misleading alert offers multiple reasons for locking your PC, ranging from inappropriate handling of copyright content to distributing child porn. It states USD 100 is a sufficient fee to hush things up, which is low enough amount for a credulous and impatient user to rush into buying MoneyPak code. Please note the payment does not kill the virus, thus the only way to resolve the issue is a cleanup action.
Click here to initiate free scan and ensure the removal of United States Cyber Security winlock and scareware along with other threats found.

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