Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remove Den Svenska Polisen IT-Sakerhet fake police alert that groundlessly accuses you of distributing porn and committing other offences

Den Svenska Polisen IT-Sakerhet alert on your PC means NOT you have violated any laws of Sweden or European Union. To be precise, whether you have done so does not matter, the trojan supplying the alert got no clue, for it is but another scareware run by black hats in order to scare credulous, susceptible users into paying money allegedly to hush up the purported offences they have committed (in particular the popup says “Du har tittat eller distribuerat ett pomografiskt innehåll som är förbjudet (Child Porno /Zoofilia och etc).”
There are other modification of Swedish Police fake alert and respected trojan.
In this case, removal of Den Svenska Polisen IT-Sakerhet malware is sometimes referred to as extermination of 500 kr popup, for that is exactly the amount the user is prompted to pay through UKASH to the hackers (who makes it look like the fee is transferred to the Police).
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