Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remove SVC:MBAMSwissArmy, false positive and actual modification cases covered

SVC:MBAMSwissArmy might be a false positive detected in legitimate program. In the meantime, by definition the detection is to mark a bug in harmless software that renders files of affected software unreadable.
It is basically a consequence of an attempt of insufficiently protected against rootkit program to delete a virus. The virus removal attempt fails due to interference of a rootkit that, besides rescuing the virus, attaches malicious code to the remover thus disabling its facilities.
If so, there are to be threats on your PC, apart from the one under review, to delete, if the detection is not a false positive. Removal of SVC:MBAMSwissArmy in non-false positive case is to encompass generator of the bug.
Click here to initiate free computer inspection and get rid of SVC:MBAMSwissArmy whether the detection is a false positive or refers to actual malicious modification. 

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