Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remove browser search virus looks like another attempt to combine the powers of competing search engines. This would be a fair affair, had not the returned results been enriched with odd names put into first places. Such practice has resolved into inclusion of the page into the blacklist of pages of potentially misleading content.
That would not be a sufficient reason for dedicating entire post to this page though. There is another circumstance. Due to this, users are themselves are interested in restricting their access to this page, for it keeps opening without their ordering so. It often appears on typing name of your favorite search provider into url bar of your browser. Removal of Google\Yahoo redirect virus is the measure against the unwanted visiting the above page and restriction of access to Google and Yahoo.
Click here to ensure will not appear again when you least need it by running free scan with follw-up extermination of browser related and other type infections. hijacker snapshot:

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