Monday, October 10, 2011

Remove Trojan.fakeMS without chances for the malware to escape prosecution

Trojan.fakeMS displays multivarious behaviors. Where it is a behavioral detection, i.e. it is identified to be malicious due to the processes it runs and not because of its filenames and scripts corresponding to certain given sample, various facets of it activities could be taken into account.
If the above or similar name is used, it is an immediate reference to the fact that the malware imitates, with malicious intent, activities inherent to applications aimed at maintenance, protection and optimization of Microsoft operating system.
It is to be noted that the trojan might be assigned with tasks other than faking Windows helper. That is why it could be detected under various names. Basically, the first symptom of computer infection found by anti-infection software would suggest the name of identified threat.
Removal of Trojan.fake.MS became a challenge for many security providers. However, the Spyware Doctor with antivirus available here will surely remove Trojan.fake.MS as it would detect it both by description of its components and activities leaving no chance for escape even for the most advanced modifications of the malware.

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