Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Remove Gamarue.B worm and infections it supports

Gamarue.B (Worm:Win32/Gamarue.B) is originally installed on opening spam message. Such messages are mass-mailed from cracked mailboxes to avoid ban of mail security systems.
Most of the computer systems compromised by the infection are infected in different fashion as the rogue is distributed in a way inherent to worm. It is reported as a worm by the majority of its detectors due to that reason. The wormlike spreading means the infection body is multiplied into every memory that could be potentially exchanged with other machines, such as USB memory, CD, shared drives.
The mission of the worm is to connect infected PC to website controlled by hackers, e.g. Visiting the above website might corrupt your PC. Please do not open it just to satisfy your curiosity.The website triggers forbidden for legitimate sites scripts which automatically drop other infection into your PC. Removal of Gamarue.B might need to cover the infections dropped from the websites it opens. Click here to get rid of Gamarue.B upon finishing free scan which would detect other infections so that these could be deleted in one move with the worm.

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