Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remove Trojan.JS.FakeUpdate.bp and Compromising Content

According to expert’s reviews the trojan is a leading infection by number of web-based download attempts in October 2010.  The infection could be also classified as a ransomware. It invites users to download and install video player. Before this a users should upload video from websites related to the scam. The video playing fails and popup is shown explaining that the said player is to be uploaded. Along with   the player a ransomware is dropped. The ransomware demands from users a fee for viewing video and says it is going to block the computer system until the payment is made.  It actually blocks web-browser so that Trojan.JS.FakeUpdate.bp removal is advised to get your software available for use. Click here to get rid of Trojan.JS.FakeUpdate.bp and related compromising content and keep suspicious content out of your computer system.

Trojan.JS.FakeUpdate.bp removal tool:

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