Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remove Trojan horse patched_c.JHW and Its Variable Payload

The infection mainly targets users of pirated Windows copies and users who do not care about Windows updating. The infection is a trojan program exploiting vulnerabilities of Windows to execute its payload. The payload is adjustable and varies from destructive activities to  adware uploading. 
Removal of  Trojan horse patched_c.JHW requres assistance of timely updated  antivirus to cover any updates  of the trojan that can make it undetectable for slowly updated solutions. Get rid of  Trojan horse patched_c.JHW whether you are dealing with its eldest or latest modification, as well as get  your PC exemined for other threats applying free scanner available at this download link.

Trojan horse patched_c.JHW removal tool:

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