Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remove Issues Causing Malicious Mischief is a platform for promotion of program that, subject to classification approach, is determined as unwanted software or destructive rogue antispyware (Antivirus Action). There are two issues related to this website. Actually, it is more reasonable to say that the website and browser hijacker are related to the program promoted at the website, for that program is a core component of the trickery, which ultimate point is collection of fee from credulous users for registration of the said software product. The two   issues are the said software and a tiny program targeting browser, namely hijacking it to establish continuous redirections of infected computer to this website. Things that hackers do with mediation of the two programs can be classified as trickery and malicious mischief, for the main program, being a virus, wants users to take it for antivirus tool and pay for its services while it causes mischief to affected PC and gives no care about true viruses.
Click here in order to start free system scan in order to get rid of issues, i.e. to perform the removal of hijacker and/or software product marketed at this website. screenshot: removal tool:


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