Monday, November 29, 2010

Remove from the list of websites to visit is not a good website to visit. It might have a Antvirus Action rogue program code that automatically drops infection into visitor’s computer system. However, recent tests have not  detected any  direct threats and the webpage is much more dangerous due to the information it contains.
The point is that the website is a marketplace for rogue system utilities. If any of such utilities are uploaded, they harm a computer as that is a tactic of scaring users into buying them. Removal of   threat is thus a deletion of the fake utilities. In addition, you may need to get rid of trojan in the event of regular redirections to this website. The trojan is also known as a browser hijacker. Its mission is to redirect users web-surfing to the webpage. Click here to resolve the problem by means of  antivirus. screenshot: removal tool:

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