Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remove Trojan.ransom to remove Microsoft Security Antivirus Popup That Locks Windows

This is a pure case of ransomware. It is not a first case of this kind though. This time hackers pose the ransomware as Microsoft Security Antivirus.
The supposed antivirus does not let you do anything but staring at its popup. Reboot by pushing restart button and choose Safe Mode with Networking and upload Trojan.ransom removal tool to get rid of Microsoft Security Antivirus popup. The download link can be activated right here. If this cannot be fulfilled as system is locked or you do not like to terminate current session, try one of these numbers.
Numbers to call are as follows: 41001729647665, 89030139997.
However, you need to get rid of Trojan.ransom that shows this popup, for the entered number is just a temporary satisfaction for the ransom claimer.  Use the link suggested above to this purpose.

Trojan.ransom removal tool:

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