Friday, September 10, 2010 Removal when this page comes in unexpected way

Among the ways of rogue antispyware promotion method of trialware introduction prevails. The trialware is a preliminary version of the program that hackers foist off on users. Such software is available at And the website itself is a center for Security Suite rogue antispyware promotion. Its link with browser infection provides permanent flow of visitors. Promotion of the rogue antispyware by redirecting them to relevant websites is another popular technique for marketing counterfeits. If you analyze statistic of visits to, you will see that a proportion of total visits to unique visits will be more than 10 to 1, while for average website of this kind the proportion does not exceed 3 to 1. Such a loyalty is achieved thanks to browser hijacker. Get rid of hijacker, if your web-browser opens this page instead of the page requested by you or launches web-browser without your agreement just to open this website.
Removal of Antivircat.cominfections can be performed by the solution, free scanner of which is available here. screenshot: removal tool:

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kevin said...

this is happing to me...but its not letting me delete it. What should i do?