Friday, September 24, 2010

Remove Keyloger.iSnake.Pro Popup Exterminating Relevant Adware

Most of the nag screens titled Resident Shield refer to Keyloger.iSnake.Pro misleadingly as it is a popup generated by such rogue antispyware as Antivirus 8 and Antivirus GT that scares users with this name. The name marks real infection though, which is more dangerous threat than the adware luring  users to buy the product it impersonates. Naturally, such adware would impersonate system security suite.
In order to get rid of   Keyloger.iSnake.Pro popup permanently, relevant adware is to be exterminated. Perform the removal of Keyloger.iSnake.Pro related adware and/or remove the real keylogger. Upload free scanner available here to start.

Keyloger.iSnake.Pro screenshot:

Keyloger.iSnake.Pro removal tool:

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