Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remove Antivirus IS Hijacker Designed to Upload Misleading Websites

A total of 11 websites have been detected as home-pages of Antivirus IS. Perhaps, there are more such pages to observe.
Most of the already detected home-pages of the scamware contain the same information on the product marketed, but have quite distinct graphic interface.
The list of the websites is below.
Each website states that Antivirus IS protecting every second. Many of them may appear in your browser any second, even if user does not launch browser. Removal of Antivirus IS hijacker is the action that will put an end to the trickery. The hijacker is internal agent linking users and the above websites. It may also try to download the fake antivirus in a backdoor mode.
Click here to get rid of Antivirus IS related scam i.e. the adware, the hijacker and related trojans.

Antivirus IS hijackers screenshots:

Antivirus IS hijackers removal tool:

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