Monday, August 12, 2013

Remove MagniPic.exe as it grabs your private data and pops up annoying commercials

MagniPic.exe is a main executable of basically same-name program. It is known to made specifically for FaceBook as it is enables users of the above social network to process images easily, in particular, to magnify these by simply running cursor through.
Even if you feel like you badly need that, free scan available here is one of many tools that identifies this application as an infection and performs the removal of MagniPic.exe . Why? Because you may not like its advertising and spying payload: the application, apart from magnifying pics, also in a way magnifies your browsing history and sends it to remote server; this info is used to unknown purposes, probably to show you contextual advertisement as you browse through the Internet. That is, it underlines certain words in the textual parts of web-pages and pops up information relevant to keywords, which is pretty commercial and is usually ranked annoying by users so that they are typically happy to get rid of MagniPic.exe and other components of this implicit adware. As stated above, such cleanup is available with free scanner that you can start loading by following the link at the top of this paragraph or below this post.

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