Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to remove GVU Trojaner (BundesPolizei Fake Popups, UKASH 100 Euro Ransomware)

GVU Trojaner is basically a German detection name for, again, German modification of a cyber infection that locks down computer system pretending to be legal action taken by relevant public security office of the country of detected user IP location. That is, some advanced users who use IP hiding software and thus may be browsing the web under IP’s of countries that do not correspond to their actual location may, for instance, catch a variant of such ransomware that corresponds to their dummy IP used for confidentiality purposes.
In general, of course, you need to be located in Germany or German speaking country to encounter this trojan. It will say that you are nearly a criminal as you have violated multiple articles of law related to copyright, pornography, privacy etc; however, it would propose a wonderful salvation by sending Euro 100, normally with UKASH voucher so that you would get a code in return, which unlocks your PC.
The point is that you need to remove GVU Trojaner to eliminate misleading BundesPolizei popup and to restore full access to your PC. It is no use to pay the hackers, even if you just do not care about money and want to quickly complete GVU Trojaner removal.
This free scan source features a verified routine for proper extermination of the infection regardless of its modification and free of any leftovers whatsoever. 

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