Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get rid of 24x7 Help as a small adware without viral traits

24x7 Help is what users get when they load freeware. It is not that this program has any viral traits whatsoever, but, since users are not adequately informed on the program installation – at least, they may simply claim they do not have a clue how this applet has become installed on their PC, they seek the way to remove 24x7 Help.
The application promotes online support service and some security tools. It does this automatically so that you see its popups any time you go to your PC. It may as well appear as you run other programs and even cause some errors due to processes overlapping.
Removal of 24x7 Help is provided for through uninstalling as relevant entry is added to Control Panel menu for managing software installation. However, this way does not remove of 24x7 Help for good, so it is strongly recommended that you run free scan with the solution available here in order to fully exterminate this tricky piece of software.

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