Saturday, July 6, 2013

Remove CltMngSvc.exe along with the rest of Conduit hijacker and its leftovers

CltMngSvc.exe comes as a carrier and executor of a malicious program known as Conduit malware.
This is infamous for two features:
1) It adds a toolbar without requesting user agreement, which annoys users with unrequested search box;
2) It performs redirect – in worst case, anything you type into browser address tab ends up with conduit so called search. Recently, however , milder versions prevail, that set the above bad url as a start point for browsing and randomly load it during routine browsing.
Removal of CltMngSvc.exe is crucial for the malware extermination, yet it is not an exhausting step. To get rid of CltMngSvc.exe and other malicious components, first and foremost of the same malware, for good and now, proceed with free scanner supplied here

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