Sunday, July 7, 2013

Removal of WebCake 3.00 on demand as this web-loaf proves to be stale

WebCake 3.00 is positioned as an application meant “to sweeten your browsing experience”, as a gateway to large deposit of software. Regardless of how features declared actually work, there is one thing about it that makes the sweet thing rather bitter – it is that it goes along many free apps without properly notifying users. That is, people find the conditions of its introduction quite obscure.
Another detail is that its so called timely shopping, software advices rather muddle the water than bring any useful info. On this ground, people seek to remove WebCake 3.00.
This is not to claim the app is a virus or malware, but the free scanner to be loaded here is a tool to get rid of WebCake 3.00 as a PUP (potential annoyance).

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