Friday, July 12, 2013

Get rid of DirtyDecrypt.exe as a Filthy Scam that Aims to Rob You of Your Money

DirtyDecrypt.exe is included into a misleading message. According to this, the executable will help you restoring access to objects encoded by some alleged infection.
This fraud is meant to collect a ransom from scared victim. The scam sounds pretty familiar to malware experts as they have observed dozens of cases based on UKASH payment method that disable some functionality and access features at host computer in order that a stunned user would wire certain amount, in this case Euro 100 or GBP 100.
Please note the only way to remove DirtyDecrypt.exe and unblock files it has affected is byway of relevant ransomware extermination. There is no need whatsoever to satisfy financial appetites of the scammers.
Click here so that free scanner could get launched and thereby to ensure DirtyDecrypt.exe removal as a scam that has taken over your PC.

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