Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remove 2dayoftheweek redirect infection

2dayoftheweek virus promotes same-name (.com) page and several other urls where the same page is stored, by means of affecting web-surfing of compromised computers. This is done on a root level, which means it is not an infection specific to a particular web-browser. Do not try reinstalling your browser as you are not dealing with add-on object.
The pages popularized in such a subtle fashion have a inscription that reads SEARCH SYSTEM v 3 and invites to search the web using its search line. It is usually generated instead of Google and other major search engines, which is why it is deemed to be a new variant of Google redirect virus.
To be precise, there is just one page, but many addresses where it is stored, as well as there is a single basic infection, though it is subject to modifications aimed at bewildering tools capable of removing 2dayoftheweek malware and similar parasites.
To get rid of 2dayoftheweek issue, which may also be referred to as 100ksearches virus, as well as to get your PC free-scanned to kill every malicious program and delete dangerous content, click here.

2dayoftheweek screenshot:

2dayoftheweek remover:

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