Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get rid of FlashPlayer.pkg Mac Rogue redirector

FlashPlayer.pkg is a name that conceals viral content.The name appears at a number of websites, which publish ads without proper verification of their legitimacy. That is how users get trapped and infect their browsers with malicious object that juggles with search results of legitimate browsers or merely shows a fabricated search page instead of genuine Google or another reliable website that helps users get information through the keyword search technology.
The results reported by fake search page generated by the trojan promotes bad quality products and downloads which act as viruses and further contribute to system devastation.
Mac OS is the prior target for the trojan. Moreover, the infection is badly compatible with other operating systems, but corrupts them anyway so that users of any operating system may need to deal with FlashPlayer.pkg removal.
Click here, if you are certain or suspect that you have downloaded the trojan so that the free scanner will detect and remove FlashPlayer.pkg.

FlashPlayer.pkg removal tool:

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