Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Removal of Tango Toolbar and other misleading tools

Tango toolbar is annoying and unexpected addition to the  default look of web-browser. Besides the toolbar there are strange popups users associate with it. Those popups advertise suspicious products and replace current websites without user’s consent. They are indeed generated by the same program that managed to install the above toolbar.
To remove Tango toolbar, many users tried standard procedure provided for Windows software, namely the table at Control Panel for managing installation of programs. The entry that bears the name of unwanted browser toolbar is available at the list, but then it sends user to the page which does not respond to commands of uninstalling the adware. Moreover, hackers managed to turn the option threatening the trojan’s integrity into opportunity to trick users, for the entry related to the adware in the Add/Remove table leads to the page that offers poor and unacceptable quality goods.
To get rid of Tango toolbar, as well as other annoying tricks applied by the Trojan that manages the unwanted add-ins, click here to download and use free scanner for the above purpose, as well as to ensure comprehensive memory cleanup.

Tango toolbar snapshot:

Automatical removal tool:

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