Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remove Fraud.avsecuritysuite to Uninstall Your Case Specific Variant of Security Suite Badware

Rogue antispyware do not change dramatically, unless it is a new release of antispyware. The most important thing is to introduce new name that keeps the truth on the new malware concealed for a while. Fortunately, security suites able to restrain rogue antispyware detect the very core of malware. It is no surprise that different programs (by name) are detected under the same name. Fraud.avsecuritysuite is a striking example of generic trojan that, in its different variants, represents rogue antispyware of fake antispyware family that consists of such programs as Security Suite, Antivir Solution Pro, AV Security Suite and other nor less notorious names representing variations of the trojan. Naturally removal of Fraud.avsecuritysuite equals to uninstalling of any rogue antispyware of the family. Click here to run free computer scan and get rid of Fraud.avsecuritysuite

Fraud.avsecuritysuite removal tool:

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