Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remove Ads from Your Browser

The website is a self-sufficient advertisement for rogue antispyware (Security Suite), yet it is used to drop a demo-version of the rogue. It contains information which general meaning is that you need to buy certain software. Its name may be changed quite often, therefore there is no good reason to mention it. If you are not ready to buy it yet, there is option to try its demo version, which is one of the most annoying applications ever. It might be adjusted to run quietly for a while and yet its developers are free to try different approaches.
Removal of hijacker will clean the browser infection responsible for recurrent downloads of the website in your browser window. In order to get rid of hijacker and any other infections related to this url(for example, the rogue antispyware), click here to run free scan. screenshot: removal tool:

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I got the hijacker on my main user side. I ran a mcfee scan and it did not find it. The pop-up/hijacker won't let me connect to the web or do much else on my main user account. Since it took over it will not let me connect to the web, only the sites it wants. It has not infected my guest user account. Any idea how I can run the link here if I can't get on the site with the infected user? Thanks