Monday, August 23, 2010

Remove Threat in Shortest Terms

Important information on the url is that a hijacker has been detected at redirecting web-surfing to this website. But the most important of it is that the detection also spoils legit applications and delete data randomly. That makes of the hijacker something more than an agent intercepting web-traffic and routing it to, used by hackers to advertise another badware, namely Security Suite (remark: the website, at the moment you are reading this post, may promote another counterfeit of the same family that Security Suite). Removal of hijacker is not the action to postpone, if you do care of your computer system and set a high value on the data stored.
Click here to get rid of related infection, which is more than hijacker, and detect and remove other threats, e.g. you may need to uninstall Security Suite or another badware of the family, if uploaded it as suggested at the tricky website. screenshot: removal tool:

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