Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remove Windows Defender 2010 malware - Removal Instructions

Windows Defender 2010 (WindowsDefender 2010) is a professional software; unfortunately, that characteristic is valid only for its highest penetrability and tediousness, which correspond to highest standards of adware. It is a deplorable fact that adware in general and, in particular, fake and annoying antispyware, is a rather significant IT industry, though unfair and illegal, so that there are standards in it, no matter informal they are. Thus, Windows Defender 2010 is professional adware that exploits nearly any system vulnerability to run at the very beginning of Windows session and scare users with false positives of its virus scan, which is not a scan as such, but just another advertisement it from among fake security alerts and nag screens. Failure to remove Windows Defender 2010 slows down host system and keep gaps for other Internet infections open so that they can soon make their intervention, too, unless you finally get rid of Windows Defender 2010 scam.
Click here to perform Windows Defender 2010 removal (using Spyware Doctor) including the adware (any modification), as well as related scams like viruses and trojans.

Windows Defender 2010 screenshot:

Windows Defender 2010 removal tool:

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