Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remove Antivirus-plus02.com hijacker

Antivirus-plus02.com belongs to the category of websites visiting which is not recommended. It does not mean it contains malicious scripts directly infecting your PC or harming it, but the rogue antispyware is advertised (Antivirus Plus) at the website and there is a risk that, say not you – another user of your PC – will be lured to download and install the adware posed as a free trialware of antispyware; that supposed antispyware is adware and crashware.
In addition, you may need to remove Antivirus-plus02.com hijacker inserted directly into web-browser of your PC limiting its access to legit websites and arranging redirections to Antivirus-plus02.com hijackers; otherwise, the website will be shown to you at a regular basis instead of websites you choose. If the case occurred to you (a single redirection provides a hint), click here to start free scan and perform removal of Antivirus-plus02.com infections, as applicable.

Antivirus-plus02.com screenshot:

Antivirus-plus02.com remover:

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