Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Desktop-antivirus.com Removal

Desktop-antivirus.com is another corrupt website serving misleading and destructive software that targets credulous users. Desktop-antivirus.com delivers fake antispyware of similar name; legit websites are linked with Desktop-antivirus.com through ad banners published at those websites, since it is a common practice of not verifying ad content by the publishers mastering legit and fair websites. Naturally many unfair websites also show ad banners and popups advertising Desktop-antivirus.com or rather relevant rogue antispyware.
Remove Desktop-antivirus.com related adware in case you have been lured to download and install it; you may also need to get rid of Desktop-antivirus.com related hijacker as it is another tool that makes your web-browser open Desktop-antivirus.com on regular basis and blocks access to websites marketing antispyware capable of removing Desktop-antivirus.com related infections. Click here to start free scan and perform removal of Desktop-antivirus.com scam and other infections.

Desktop-antivirus.com screenshot:

Desktop-antivirus.com removal tool:

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