Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AdvancedXPFixer - new dangerous rogue. Removal tool

AdvancedXPFixer is rogue anti-spyware software that may secretly install itself onto your PC. Once installed, AdvancedXPFixer may cause your desktop to change and display a fake warnings in attempt to trick you into buying the full version of AdvancedXPFixer. AdvancedXPFixer may also block your access to some web sites and may even stop any of your attempts to connect to the Internet. AdvancedXPFixer may disable important Windows components and tools, such as your PC’s System Restore and its Date and Time application. We recomend to use Spyware Doctor to get rid of this dangerous malware.

AdvancedXPFixer screenshot:

AdvancedXPFixer automatical remover:

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